REFA Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Qingyang Town Industrial Zone, Jiangyin City, one of the top 100 towns in the center of the beautiful and rich Yangtze River Delta. It is a professional manufacturer of printing and dyeing machinery integrating product development, design, production and installation.

After decades of hard work, the company has formed three major sections: air-soft finishing, open-width knitting dyeing and finishing, and rope washing, including open-width airflow softening machines, multi-functional and efficient rope washing machines, and knitted open-width cold bleaching Machine, knitted open-width cold dyeing machine, knitted open-width printing post-washing machine, open-width short-flow mercerizing machine, knitted open-width cold-rolling pre-treatment, degreasing and pre-shrinking washing machine, post-dying washing machine, color strip ash washing Machine and other products.

The company adheres to the concept of "innovation-oriented, reputation-oriented, and quality-first", integrates external resources, optimizes internal management, continues to innovate, and makes strides towards professionalization of business and diversification of operations. Under the environment of increasing production capacity, we will provide our customers with environmentally friendly, energy-saving, high-yield quality products and perfect after-sales service to lead the transformation and upgrading of the industry.