Common sense of safe use of printing and dyeing machinery

Release time:2020-08-29 08:14:45   Views:359

Printing and dyeing machinery is a high-speed rotating machine, and the drum produces huge centrifugal force during work. In order to ensure the safety of operators and equipment, the following safety rules should be strictly observed during use.
1.The separator cannot be started before the lock ring is not locked, and the access device and other fastening screws are not fastened.
2. The drum is not completely stopped, and any fasteners of the machine cannot be loosened.
3. If there is abnormal noise and abnormal vibration, stop and cut off the power immediately.
4. It is not allowed to use flame to heat or repair the main parts of the drum, especially the drum body, drum cover and lock ring (if the drum needs to be repaired, please contact the manufacturer immediately and have a professional to perform maintenance to avoid occurrence Security incident).
5. The drum parts cannot be exchanged with other machine drum parts, and the parts of the same model machine cannot be exchanged.
6. It should be locked at the "0" alignment. When the lock ring and the "0" assembly mark cross the corresponding mark of the drum body by more than 25 degrees, it is prohibited to use.
7. Printing and dyeing machinery cannot work under overspeed and overload.
8. When there are parts to be replaced in the drum components, please use the parts and spare parts provided by the manufacturer, and rebalance the dynamic.
9. Printing and dyeing machinery cannot be used in an environment that requires explosion-proof.
10.Do not use machines to separate materials that are more corrosive, higher density and different solid characteristics than the specified materials. If necessary, contact the manufacturer.
11.Every 4 months, check the corrosion and abrasion damage of the drum parts, especially the drum slag discharge port, lock ring threads, etc., if necessary, contact the manufacturer.